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Corporate Events

Elevate Corporate culture with Sound & Meditation


Celebrate company milestones in style with a gong lesson and champagne. Fantastic promotional opportunities for social media platforms and client engagement. Reward staff, goal set and melt away stress to refresh morale and boost motivation with a Guided Meditation and Sound Healing with gong.

Elevate corporate culture with a team building interactive Demonstration and Sound Healing. Enjoy hands-on experience and visual demonstrations highlighting how sound and positive thought affects the body with Andrew Cox, the West Australian Teacher / Trainer for the International Sound Healing Academy. A fun, fascinating and relaxing way to elevate moral and interaction.

Benefits of Sound and Meditation in the office


Reducing Stress

A 2013 study, from the Center of Mind and Brain at UC Davis, confirmed the connection between mindfulness and cortisol. Participants saw major benefits in only a few weeks of meditation. Instantaneous and lasting results with minimal time commitment is a major reason for incorporating mindfulness and daily meditation into the corporate setting.

Improving Cognition

A 2018 study led by the University of California, revealed that increased ability to sustain attention is developed through meditation and benefits were present seven years later in the study’s follow-up. Increased cognition leads to improvements in the brain’s problem-solving and decision-making strategies, which supports critical thinking and crisis management.

Curbing Strong Reactions & Emotions 

The ability to curb strong emotional reactions, leading to better focus, is critical to compassionate leadership. In a study published by the APA, people who meditated and practiced mindfulness were better equipped to disengage from emotionally upsetting content and were able to better focus on tasks compared to other participants who were introduced to the same content but had not meditated.

Prices vary depending on the dynamics of each event, venue and group, please email Andrew for prices. 

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