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A Treemendus Sound Bath
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Treemendus Sound Healing
What have our clients said about us?

'Dear Andrew & Servane, thank you for providing such a loving and healing environment on Friday evening in which I was able to completely let go and be open to receiving the vibrations my body was asking for. Immediately upon leaving I noticed a 'raw'chest issue I have held for almost two years appeared to have disappeared and has not returned. On top of this, my body continued to feel the effects of the vibrations for the rest of the evening and followed on into a deep, deep sleep. In addition your Third Eye meditation allowed me to see clearly how I need to approach the direction of my path, (I was shown a small bridge to pass which linked my past and future with exquisite simplicity), for that I am grateful. I will see you both on the 2nd of October with family and friends in tow! Much love to you both.' Linda x

'Awesome session tonight. Went there feeling rather distraught. Left there feeling empowered and therefore positive! Thank you.' - Jennifer

'My girlfriend and I enjoyed our first sound healing experience with Andrew and Servane last night in South Perth, and lemme tell you - best date idea ever.

Chatting about our experience afterwards, what I found most fascinating was how through every step of our sound healing journey, my girlfriend and I experienced a similar feeling, or similar thought.

Listening to the varying intensities of inhalation and exhalation of the other people in the room, it sounded like others shared the same journey too.

Andrew walked us through the sound healing journey instrument by instrument after our session, and explained a little more about the theory and reasoning behind the journey, and again - it all lined up with what we felt during the session.

I’m looking forward to our next sound healing session with Andrew and Servane from Treemendus Health - it was an uplifting, stress relieving, and life-affirming experience.

I’m grateful for Andrew and Servane’s experience - thank you for living your best life and sharing your magic with the world. 🙏' - Matthew

'Hello Andrew and Servane, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the sound guided meditation last Friday in South Perth. A beautiful hour of relaxation, clarity of thought and sheer joy. Thank you. I wish you every success with your sessions and will certainly join you again.' - Noel 

'Sound healing last night with Andrew was amazing! His knowledge and passion for these beautiful instruments translated into a wonderful, rejuvenating and soul soothing journey. I can’t wait for the next one' - Madeline

'Andrew used an array of stunningly beautiful crystal bowls 😍😍, moon and earth gongs (my favourite), koshi chimes, drums and tibetan bowls to transform us into a meditative state of inner peace and calm. I walked out feeling soo grounded, relaxed and like I had let go of a TONNE of baggage.


I love how Andrew explains the power of sound therapy at the beginning and the end of the session, so you can really understand how sound resonance has an impact on your body at the cellular level. He also talked to us about the sound octaves he chose for the session and why. So so special.


You have to experience this for yourself. 💕This is honestly the best sound healing event I have been to in Perth so far - I loved the variety of sound instruments Andrew used throughout the session - so magical' - Rachael  


'The sound healing session last night was incredible. Thank you so much.' - Larissa 

'World class instruments resonated by a world class human! Cheers Andrew' - Kelly

‘Sound healing is a fantastic non-invasive healing tool that is a true joy to experience. I felt clear after the session and lighter. Andrew was calm and informative, and I felt very comfortable with him.’ - Rachel

‘I always left my sessions feeling very relaxed, grounded and peaceful. Best described as an overall feeling of total calmness. Andrew is a wonderful sound therapist who is very attentive and responsive to my needs. He took the time to listen carefully and then tailored his sessions appropriately. I always left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.’ - R.Szabo

‘Andrew is very capable, attentive and caring, has a wonderful personality to go with it and I wish him lots of success.’ - Ruby

‘Sessions felt calm and serene. Pain was reduced considerably. A great experience with positive outcomes.’ - Jadwiga

‘Amazing, attention to detail, shows empathy & uses relevant examples from his own life experience.’ - Chantal

‘I was able to have relaxing sessions that reduced my stress levels and centered me.


In the second session Andrew led me through a meditation that allowed me to go through the events of my traumatic experience box them up in my mind and let them go. Every time I think of the experience now I think of the box I let go.


Andrew was great as he was able to tailor the session to what I needed that day. He was also confident enough to help me deal with some very strong and traumatic emotions and experiences. I found the most valuable was going through the meditation session for release. I will use this anytime I keep reliving an emotion or event that I am having a hard time to let go of.


My sessions with Andrew have been very beneficial for my life. I now have less anxiety. I am also able to use the skills I learnt to heal myself in similar situations in the future. With his skills of sound healing and kinesiology he is able to help people on many levels and have a holistic approach which is vital.’ - Jelette


‘I have a psychology background and had various therapy sessions. I am pleased to say I feel a sense of peaceful relaxation more often and my restless legs now let me sleep better than before. 


I found Andrew a very “human” person and able to get one to talk about the problems. He has natural listening skills. 


The intensive sound of some  - then, the gentle calming, bowls helped me go back into the past experiences and let them go.  I’m very aware that my level of anxiety has become less and I’m not worrying unnecessarily.’ - Verla

‘I found the sessions therapeutic & looking to improve/maintain good health both mentally & physically.’ - Nikki

'Loved the increased energy flow & sensation. I highly recommend Sound Healing, it's a unique & beneficial experience.' - Angelique


'I found Andrew to be an excellent sound healer. He identified the issues I needed to work on and after the sessions, I felt lighter & calmer.' - Larissa


'Andrew is an amazing sound healer. He is confident and very knowledgeable about what he does and why, and explains it clearly so anyone can understand. He has a beautiful calm and caring energy and makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk through the door. Andrew really listens, understands and genuinely wants to help, so he adjusts the sessions according to exactly what you need on the day. The sounds and sensations from his instruments are interesting and soothing. I felt relaxed and supported in every session with Andrew and came away feeling calmer, stronger and more optimistic.' - Sarah 

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