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Science of Sound Therapy

The science of sound therapy

Although used therapeutically around the world for centuries, only in recent times has modern science been able to validate and explain the therapeutic benefits and profound effect sound waves have on the body and mind.

The human body is comprised of countless molecules, atoms and cells all of which are constantly vibrating at specific frequencies.  Therefore, much like an out of tune guitar sounds, our bodies feel bad and enter a state of disease when parts fall out of tune. Pleasingly, our bodies are powerful healers and when diseased cells are identified, healthy neighbouring cells often entrain the diseased cells back into harmony - but not always. Often when the healthy cells are outnumbered, disease spreads and we begin to experience unwanted symptoms.


Much like a guitarist may struggle to tune a string without first listening to the correct note, Sound Therapy aims to provide the body with the key notes that restore balance and good health to the body. 

Om Tuning Fork Brow Chakra
What is the biofield?

The word biofield was chosen by a panel of National Institutes of Health scientists to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds the human body.


For thousands of years healers all around the world have described and used the energy fields around the body. Now, with the use of recently developed sensitive electromagnetic instruments such as the SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), modern science has been able to detect and identify these energy fields. 

Like a tree stump has rings revealing the life history of the tree, our biofields also reveal imbalances or stress in our own lives. These imbalances are often detectable by the subtle changes in pitch, timbre and volume of a ringing tuning fork as it is slowly waved through the biofield. Such imbalances may also be cleared, or smoothed by a process known as biofield tuning.

Reference: Dr Karl H.Maret: ‘Tuning the Human Biofield’ by Eileen Day McKusick

What is a biofield balance?

Biofield balancing or tuning as described above, is a simple, non-evasive therapeutic method that often leaves the person/patient feeling more centred, emotionally secure, lighter, clear and calm. It can help relieve both physical and emotional pain and in turn assist with many common disorders.


The method involves a range of carefully selected tuning forks that are gently waved through the biofield to both scan for and smooth out any imbalances detected.


Following a balance, it is also possible to direct appropriate frequencies designed to entrain parts of your body that may require extra attention and support. For example, those suffering from issues related to their adrenals, thyroid or parathyroid glands may benefit from the vibrations of a 492.8 Hz B Frequency.

If you are interested in learning more or booking a session to balance your biofield, please contact us. 

Reduce your stress

According to a Harvard Medical Journal, 80% of disease is stress related. Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing sound bath today. 

Tuning Forks Sound Therapy
Tibetan Bowls on body
Creating the optimum state for self-healing


Modem Western science has recently identified five main frequencies in the brain:


Gamma, 25 – 100 Hz linked to a heightened sense of consciousness that is beneficial to stress reduction and other health benefits.  


Beta 13 – 24 Hz linked to a general awake and alert state.


Alpha 8 – 12 Hz associated with the time when the body is relaxed, typically just before sleep and just after waking and has a very therapeutic effect on the body.


Theta 4 – 7 Hz experienced during deep states of meditation and drowsy sleep. It is associated with spiritual and paranormal experiences. 


Delta Up to 4 Hz, the slowest band of frequencies is linked to deep sleep and unconsciousness. 


The point between Theta and Alpha, when the body is both in a deep meditative state and passively aware, is when the body is in the optimum state for self-healing. This also corresponds with the predominant oscillating magnetic field of the Earth @ 7.8 Hz. With entrainment, it is possible to balance the two hemispheres of the brain by playing two instruments with two different frequencies to create 8 Hz. All sound therapy sessions (both individual and group events) at Treemendus Health begin with a short brain hemisphere balance to stimulate the most optimum state of self healing.

Think positively and put your heart into it


Each of the organs in our bodies resonate at specific frequencies. Our heart rate is probably the easiest to identify and measure. The Institute of HeartMath found the heart produces frequency patterns based on the emotions a person is feeling. For example, coherent or clear patterns are produced when a person feels appreciation, love and gratitude. However, incoherent or disordered patterns result from frustration and anger. Consider the emotions you have in your life, how they make you feel and the impact they may have on each of your organs.     


Reference: Eileen Day McKusick ‘Tuning the Human Biofield’

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