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Sound Therapy, Kinesiology, Meditation, Teacher

Having studied for over two years with the International Sound Healing Academy, I currently hold two diplomas in Sound Therapy and have worked with groups and one to one with many people to help with their particular health challenges. I am also the International Sound Healing Academy teacher in Western Australia and regularly conduct in person workshops and online learning for those who wish to learn more about sound and/or work professionally in this modality.   


In addition, I am also an accredited Meditation Teacher with the Meditation Society of Australia and hold a diploma in Kinesiology from the O’Neill Kinesiology College in Perth. Using these powerful modalities, I’m able to offer a rare blend of skills to help with a broad range of mental and physical issues.  


Before developing my interest in Sound Therapy and Kinesiology, I spent many years playing guitar and writing music while also focusing on my successful stockbroking career spanning twenty years. While this journey was a happy and financially rewarding one, the stress and pressure of the share market had a negative effect on my health that eventually developed into an unexpected healing crisis. Suffering a stubborn case of leaky gut and a body covered head to toe in eczema, I failed to positively respond to modern medicine and instead sought out natural remedies. Fortunately, the Naturopath I started seeing referred me to a Kinesiologist and encouraged me to participate in a guided meditation & sound bath. It was during these sessions that I was able to release the stress holding me back and my body finally began to recover.  


Having enjoyed the benefits of both modalities separately, I naturally wanted to learn more and share their amazing positive effects with others.


Serendipitously, I have spent much of my spare time traveling the world and collecting exotic musical instruments from all corners of the globe for no apparent reason, until I discovered the healing qualities of sound. When I finally discovered my purpose, everything fell into place and now I very much enjoy sharing these wonderful instruments during the guided meditations, sound baths, workshops and one-on-one sessions I offer and teach.


Whether you feel the need to relax or go delve deep into your subconscious and release some emotional baggage, I hope you too will seek out the benefits of these wonderful modalities combined.

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BHSc Naturopath

After working in the corporate arena for a number of years and watching my husband fight through a healing crisis, I craved a change that would empower me to help support my family’s health. At the time we were in a vicious cycle trusting every word doctors or other practitioners uttered as we simply didn’t know any better. Frustrated that my husband’s health was not improving, I desperately wanted to know where to turn to find the answers we needed. Our journey was slow as we initially resisted some good advice, but in hindsight our journey planted seeds that lead us both to study complementary therapies. Little did I know that embarking on a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) degree would be the greatest journey of all. Now, as a holistic practitioner, I use my Naturopathic skills together with my life experiences to warmly welcome and guide others to achieve their wellness goals.

***Sometimes the greatest rewards are found when when take a small step forward***


Particular area of interest: Iridology – the eyes are truly the window to the soul. Iridology can provide great insight into both the physical areas to nurture and the emotional traits to acknowledge. Note, iridology is not used as a diagnostic tool but rather accompanies a full case to support and often provides additional insight.

Greatest loves: Andrew my husband and Hugo the pooch.

Interests: Spending time out in nature, exploring the world, playing with Hugo, catch-up’s and natters with girlfriends, hang’s with my Naturopathy tribe.

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