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Tibetan bowls for sale
Empowering your self-healing 

In addition to offering our sound therapy sessions, we also want to encourage and empower you to continue your self healing journey at home.  

At the end of each sound session we will often share with you ways you may use your voice to help you achieve the healing you wish. However, should you wish to also purchase a high quality Quartz Crystal Bowl or perhaps a particular hand made Tibetan Bowl. Please feel free to contact us.   

Crystal Singing Bowls 

Available to order individually or as a set of 7 in any size, colour (white, solid or rainbow) or frequency (432 Hz or 440 Hz) you so choose.

Our high quality quartz crystal bowls are manufactured from 99.99% quartz and vibrate beautifully. Ideal for meditation and self-healing, you will absolutely love how these sing, feel and look in your home.  


In order to keep our prices low we we deal directly with a trusted manufacture who enables us to design and order custom made bowls for all our clients. 

Please feel free to contact us and let us help you design your perfect quartz singing bowl today. 

Crystal Singing Bowls
Tibetan Bowls for sale
Himalayan Singing Bowls  

Hand beaten, seven element (7 different metals) singing bowls direct from Nepal.  

Sadly, many of the Himalayan bowls sold today are machined and made to look hand beaten. Happily, ours are the real thing. We deal directly with a manufacture in Nepal who offer us a range of sizes, notes and beautiful designs.  

If you would like to discus or learn more about the bowls we offer, please feel free to contact us today.

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