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Energy, Frequency and Vibrations

Almost a century before Douglas Adams revealed the answer to Life the Universe and Everything, Nikola Tesla was busy making sense of the question by focusing on the three non-physical aspects of the universe (Energy, Frequency and Vibrations) when he said: 'If we want to know the secrets of the universe, we should focus on the non-physical aspects than physical aspects, that will speed up the inventions.'

Only now, after smashing electrons together in gigantic particle accelerators to try and prove the world is physical (by finding the elusive ‘point particle’ upon which all life is built) have quantum physicists concluded their age old assumption, that ‘the physical universe is physical’, was wrong. Indeed, their recent conclusion is that the physical world is actually energy.

Confused? So was Albert Einstein who went to his grave yearning to learn what an electron is. Today we now know an electron has no internal structure and is energy in its simplest form. But the simple ends there, for the electron is elusive and discovered to be both a wave and a particle at the same time... That’s right, wave-particle duality, and those friendly animations of sphere shaped electrons and protons dancing around and knocking into each other... Forget it, that’s now a redundant physical explanation, reality is now understood (loosely speaking) to be energy based.

Everything being energy requires some open-mindedness when we have been trained for so long to think in terms of a physical world and look toward physical solutions for our health. However, in a nonphysical universe where everything is connected from electrons to atoms to living cells, suddenly a lot of natural health remedies, modalities, scientifically unexplained health reversals and various miracles make a lot of sense.

For example, each of our thoughts and emotions contain their own individual frequency. Each of our moods and emotions also have their own vibration that dictate our actions in the physical world. It’s our connectivity that attracts like-minded people. Flower Essences, Herbal remedies, Homeopathics, Kinesiology and Sound Therapy are all energy, frequency and vibrationally based alternatives that treat and support both physical and emotional.

Think positively for your energy, vibrations and frequencies will cultivate precisely what you desire.

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